Professor Peter Chen  

Heartfelt thanks to two special people, Professor Peter and Jean Chen for their expertise in imparting the skill and wisdom of Tai Ji Quan and setting me on the path of teaching, a transformative 10 years, (1982-1992) thankyou.

 Hu Loo-Chi (Huloo) 

I first met Huloo in the summer of '85-86 having been told about him by Professor Chen. However it wasn't till 1990 that I began Traditional Yang Style as taught by Huloo.
Hu Loo-chi a practitioner of the art of Tai Qi Quan since 1941, a unique manifestation of the Dao, a humble teacher and dear friend, thankyou for your ongoing kindness and generosity.

Gong Xian Nong

From Shandong Teachers University, China. In 1992 Gong Xian Nong was a visiting lecturer/researcher to Otago University Physical Education Department. Thank you for sharing the magic of Dayan (Wild Goose) Qi Gong during this time.

Master Mantak Chia

For good heart, good intention, good qi at the beautiful Tao Garden
Richard studied Qi Nei Zang and was qualified as a practitioner by Mantak Chia
during retreats 2002 - 2004 at Tao Garden, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand



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